What is the cause of the formation of pigment scars?

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In life, we will see many patients with pigmented scars. Many patients do not understand pigment scars. Pigment scars will not only affect the appearance of the face, but also cause psychological stress in severe cases. Therefore, timely treatment is the key to get rid of the disease, then the pigmentation What is the cause of the scar? Let's see how the scar expert is introduced.
What is the cause of the formation of pigment scars?
Pigmented scars exhibit pigmentation changes that vary from the surrounding to the surrounding. In the case of human skin, the pigment produced by the body itself is the melanin produced by the melanocytes in the skin. Due to the different shades of melanin, the skin is black or brown in the epidermis, grayish blue in the shallow layer of the dermis, and cyan in the deep layer of the dermis. Endogenous pigments also include lipoproteins, bile pigments, and the like.
The cause of pigmentation, usually stimulated by sunlight, ultraviolet radiation or cosmetics, drugs and other substances, forms a black skin pigmentation, part of which falls off with the stratum corneum; part of which precipitates on the bottom layer and is excreted through the blood circulation. Once dysregulated, pigmentation is formed.
Pigment scars also occur because there are black body cells that produce melanin under the skin. Black cells are not only activated by the influence of hormones, but also the number of black somatic cells is greatly increased by external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays.
The above related introduction, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding, for your health, patients should pay more attention, to find the disease in a timely manner, and to treat as soon as possible.
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