Pigment scar repair center caused by trauma

 Traumatic scar     |      2019-04-23 13:30
Traumatic scar
Once you remove the spots, you may see a red scar after the scar has fallen, or you may leave a slight scar.
However, most fine scars come from the dermis layer.
The pine tree is full of couples, the red halo fades away, and comes back like a slaughter.
In the meantime, please be careful not to let the ultraviolet rays come out.
You can prevent the dotted area from becoming colored, just like dyeing.
However, if this is enough time (about 6 months) and the scarred spots leave scars, then the scar should be treated.
  treatment method:
Fractional laser
The process is typically 5 to 10 repeated times, allowing more exposure to the laser. The dermis is increasingly collaborating. The presence of zen tissue in the dermis layer highlights the scar is effective for a month interval, but less depressed scars. Have such an effect
The sunken environment can be easily scraped off by laser or mechanical means.
Long treatment time, limited effect
Skin high frequency treatment
By repeating the fine image flowing in such a manner 5-10 times, usually every other month, the current number of plugs in the fine needle to the dermis layer, the scar that can be treated, such as the scar in the dermis treatment, is an effective depression. However, fewer depressed scars have such an effect because this method is more effective than expected, so sometimes the surface or color of the skin is expected to be in a state prior to the original scar.
We describe the results of the dermal regeneration process (self-dermal regeneration) for each of the following scars before and after surgery.
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