Do not want to know the knowledge of pigment scar formation

 Traumatic scar     |      2019-01-15 11:02
Many people like to put their eyes on the sputum, so they ignore some important links, and these important links are easy to form pigment scars. Most people think that as long as they are injured, the correct treatment can prevent the formation of pigment scars. In the author's opinion, it is not enough to do good work after the injury. It is also necessary to pay attention to other matters during the time when the wounds are gradually scarred. For example, don't apply some cosmetics or too much medicine on the wound, which will make the pigment of the scar very obvious.
Living habits may also leave pigmentation scars on the wound. You may think that lifestyle habits will not be linked to this. In fact, lifestyle habits do affect the appearance of scars, such as life and rest. Some people like to stay up all night, but staying up late will leave the wound with pigmentation scars. Why is this? The reason is that staying up late affects the normal functioning of the body, especially in the case of injury, it will not only delay the recovery time of the wound, but also Let the wound leave a pigmented scar. During the injury period, not only do you need a good life, but you must also avoid bad habits such as drinking and smoking. These bad habits may affect the scarring of the wound.
All of the above are related to the habits that affect the appearance of scars. So, is there any way to make pigmentation scars less obvious? In daily life, you can choose to eat some fruits, such as cucumber, strawberry, tomato and other fruits have certain curative effect on scars. Eating more of these fruits during the injury has some improvement in scarring. At the same time, you need to avoid eating some irritating mistakes, such as peppers and fried foods, which will not only affect the wound, but also cause scars to become more obvious.

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