Precautions for facial trauma repair

 Traumatic scar     |      2018-09-28 16:39
In daily life, there are often accidents that cause injuries and damage the skin, which makes it easy to leave scars, which also makes many beauty lovers have headaches. So what do you need to pay attention to for facial scars?
Face trauma scars need to pay attention to one, pay attention to the cleaning of the wound. After facial trauma, it is necessary to wash the wound surface with cold water in time. If it is burnt, it should be washed immediately with a large amount of clean cold water to minimize the high temperature damage to deep tissues and prevent traumatic scars.
Face scars need to pay attention to the second, to prevent infection is the key to avoid scars on the wound, because the infection will cause deep damage to the subdermal layer, so that the epidermis can not be regenerated, granulation tissue proliferation to fill the defect will form scars. To prevent infection, chlortetracycline eye ointment can be applied to the cleaned wound. Twice a day until the wound is crusted. Do not use iodine to disinfect, so as not to cause pigmentation.
Facial trauma scars need to pay attention to three, natural dislocation, wounds will be itchy after skin scarring, at this time can not be anxious, can not be artificially a torn off, should let it "melon cooked", otherwise it will tear the new tissue under the skin Crack, causing permanent pigmentation spots.
Facial trauma scars need to pay attention to four, pay attention to protect, protect the tender skin on the red skin after the peeling off the skin, can not be covered with any cosmetics, vitamin A, D pill or vitamin E pill liquid to protect the skin, make it soft and moist . Non-irritating cosmetics can be used after half a month. Avoid exposure during the three months.
Facial trauma scars need to pay attention to five, medication treatment If the face after the trauma appears pigmentation, you can take vitamin C, 100 mg each time, vitamin E, 100 mg each time. Three times a day, even for one to two months, can reduce pigmentation and promote recovery.
Facial trauma scars need to pay attention to six, pay attention to diet, if you drink a lot after injury, or intake of pepper, lamb, garlic, ginger, coffee and other irritating foods, will promote scar hyperplasia, eat more fruits, green leafy vegetables, eggs, lean pork , meat skin and other foods rich in vitamins C, E and essential amino acids, this will help the skin to return to normal as soon as possible, to prevent traumatic scars.
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