Protective measures for facial scars

 Traumatic scar     |      2018-09-17 13:59
Life often causes skin damage, which makes it very easy to leave scars and trouble many beauty lovers. So what do you need to do with facial scars? Let's listen to an expert's introduction.
Protective measures for facial scars:
First, pay attention to the cleanliness of the wound. After facial trauma, it is necessary to wash the wound surface with cold water in time. If it is burnt, immediately rinse the local skin with plenty of clean cold water to minimize damage to deep tissues and prevent traumatic scars.
Second, to prevent infection is the key to avoid scars on the wound. Because the infection can cause deep damage to the subdermal layer, the epidermis can not be regenerated, and the granulation tissue will fill the defect and form a scar. To prevent infection, chlortetracycline eye ointment can be applied to the washed wound surface. Twice a day until the wound is crusted. Do not use iodine to disinfect, so as not to cause pigmentation.
Third, natural dislocation. The skin of the wound will be itchy after it is scarred. At this time, it should not be anxious. It should not be abducted by hand. It should be made "mellow and ripe". Otherwise, the new tissue under the skin will be torn, resulting in permanent pigmentation spots.
Fourth, pay attention to protection. Protects the tender skin from red skin after peeling off the skin. It can't be covered with any cosmetics. It can be protected with vitamin A, D pill or vitamin E pills to make it soft and moist. Non-irritating cosmetics can be used after half a month. Avoid exposure during the three months.
Fifth, taking medication. If the face after the trauma appears hyperpigmentation, you can take vitamin C, 100 mg each time, vitamin E, 100 mg each time. Three times a day, even for one to two months, can reduce pigmentation and promote recovery.
Six, pay attention to diet. If you drink a lot after injury, or ingest spicy food such as pepper, lamb, garlic, ginger, coffee, etc., it will promote scar hyperplasia, eat more fruits, green leafy vegetables, eggs, lean pork, pork skin and other rich vitamins C, E and The human body must have amino acid foods, which will help the skin to return to normal as soon as possible and prevent traumatic scars.
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