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 Burn scar     |      2019-06-05 12:29
In daily life, due to hot water hot soup or accidental fire, it can cause large burns on human skin. After wound healing, it will inevitably leave hypertrophic scars, which will seriously affect the appearance of patients and even cause dysfunction. Then, what are the characteristics of hypertrophic scars caused by burns? How can we take less detours and treat them quickly and effectively?
Three stages of burn scars
The development of hypertrophic scar can be divided into three periods: proliferative phase, reduced phase, and mature phase.
1. Proliferative period: local swelling and congestion, gradually thickening, higher than the body surface, protruding surface, irregular shape, red surface, firm and tough, itchy feeling, increased temperature, emotional agitation or spicy food . The proliferative phase of scars can last for 3-6 months, and a few can last up to 1-2 years;
2, the decline period: the scar is reduced from active hyperplasia, the height or thickness is gradually reduced, the hardness also begins to softly transform, the color changes from red to purple, purple brown, pigmentation, the scar on the surface of the scar disappears, the symptoms of itching are alleviated . The retirement period generally lasts for about 6-12 months;
3, maturity: also known as the stationary phase, after the scar has subsided to a certain extent, it basically does not change, maintaining the thickness and hardness after the decline. Generally, the scar in this period is still higher than the skin, the texture is slightly harder than the surrounding skin, the color is dark or dark brown or close to the surrounding skin, the symptoms of itching disappear, the scar is clearly separated from the base and surrounding skin, and it is easy to push.
Scars at maturity, also known as old scars, scarce blood vessels in the scar, most of the capillaries have closed, degeneration disappeared, and are not sensitive to various drugs. Therefore, for the treatment of scars, early intervention should be adhered to, the sooner the better.
How to treat burn scars?
In the treatment of burn scars, it is necessary to adhere to the treatment ideas of active prevention and prevention. Before the scar is formed, correct the wound surface and adhere to the pressure bandage to avoid scar hyperplasia.
If the scar has proliferated, medical intervention can be carried out in time, and a variety of techniques can be used for comprehensive treatment, which can achieve satisfactory treatment results for patients.
It is worth noting that the majority of patients should recognize the peony and sputum cosmetics that are marketed. Most of these products have no effect, and often aggravate the condition and cause adverse reactions such as infection, allergies and ulcers. Therefore, in the event of scarring, timely treatment and professional treatment should be sought.400-612-9989
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