How to prevent your baby from getting burned, pay attention

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When a child can catch, climb, and walk, the scope of the activity will become larger and larger, and various items in the house may be at risk, such as a kettle, a tub, a stove, and the like. In this critical period, moms and dads should not neglect the safety of children at home!
8 small details of life, avoid burns
The much-loved children need to be cared for by their parents and mothers in order to grow up healthily. Mom and Dad should create a safe environment for children as much as possible and prevent them from happening. So, in order to avoid scalding in children, what should parents and dads do?
1. Do not place dangerous objects such as hot water cups, etc. in areas where children can move and where they can be touched, such as hot water cups. At the same time, you should pay attention to the length of the tablecloth, so as not to pull the child and pull the hot liquid down and get hurt.
2, for children to eat any hot drinks, such as cereal, porridge, black sesame paste, etc., you must first feel the temperature before let the children eat.
3, pay attention to the order when taking water in the bath: first put cold water and then put hot water, the water temperature is better than the body temperature a few degrees. Mothers look at the children from time to time, don't let the children leave your sight.
4, when cooking hot pot, electronic stove, pay special attention to children's movements, to prevent children from turning to cups, hot pots and other hot liquids because of the wires.
5, when the hot soup, hot water, you must scream "be careful not to approach" and so on, so as not to hit the child face to face.
6, it is recommended that mothers do not put electric blankets on children, so as to avoid the problem of "low temperature burns", and if the electric blankets are turned on for a long time, forgetting to turn off, it is easy to cause fire.
7, high-temperature electrical appliances such as electric heaters, electronic furnaces should be placed in places that children can not touch.
8, hot water bottle is best wrapped with a towel and then used by children, the temperature should be controlled below 50 ° c.
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