Child burns, scar repair needs attention

 Burn scar     |      2018-09-29 14:55
Children are the pistachios of every family. As an active member of the family, it brings joy to the family. It also adds a lot of worry to the parents. The children are in a growing stage and are very novel to many things, so many accidents are inevitable. If a child has a burn accident, it is easy to leave an unsightly scar. Scar repair is especially important.
After the scald wounds in the boiled water are detached, they enter the unsteady period of the burn scar, that is, during the 3-6 months of scar formation, in addition to daily care, under the guidance of a doctor, non-surgical Treatment, such as local compression therapy, topical scar softening drugs, etc., before scar repair, scar prevention work is done well, the effect will be better after recovery. The chance of scarring after burns is not necessarily the case. It depends mainly on the degree of burns and whether the treatment after burns is timely and correct. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the scars from being burnt.
If a child is burned, it is necessary to correctly grasp the timing of surgery and plastic surgery to prevent disability. For scar contracture of functional parts, such as hand scars, eye scars, scars of the neck and neck, surgery should be performed as soon as possible after the scar is stabilized, especially for children, and should be treated early, and appropriate plastic surgery can be done in advance. Otherwise, it can cause joint and bone dysplasia and vascular nerve shortening, leading to disability.
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