What should I do if I have a cesarean section?

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Due to the high cesarean section rate in our country, people are no longer strange to the scar uterus. With the implementation of the "two-child" policy, scar pregnancy, which is known for its sinister danger, is gradually becoming familiar. What should I do if I have a scar pregnancy? Not to mention a pregnant woman or a doctor. Most people think that pregnancy should be terminated as soon as possible. However, the fact is not absolute, even if it is a scar pregnancy, it does not have to be "final". As long as the entire pregnancy is under the supervision of a doctor, scar pregnancy is also likely to pass the pregnancy and safe delivery. However, in women with scars in the uterus, it is important to rule out scar pregnancy after pregnancy.
What is scar pregnancy? Fetus implantation in the scar of the uterus
To find out what is a scar pregnancy, first of all to find out what is the scar uterus. After a woman undergoes surgery such as cesarean section or uterine fibroids removal, the uterus will leave scars, also known as scar uterus. However, not all scar uterus will encounter a scar pregnancy. It is called a scar pregnancy only when the fetus is just placed in the scar of the uterus.
Pregnancy after cesarean section must exclude scar pregnancy
Not all pregnancy after cesarean section will lead to scar pregnancy, cesarean section, most of the use of the lower uterus transverse incision, the possibility of pregnancy implantation in the entire uterine non-scarring is of course higher.
As long as there is a history of cesarean section or uterine surgery, the possibility of scar pregnancy must be ruled out under the guidance of a doctor after pregnancy. Scar pregnancy is almost the same as normal pregnancy in early pregnancy, as well as normal early pregnancy such as menopause history, uterine enlargement, and blood and urine HCG positive. Only through B-ultrasound can the uterine scar pregnancy be discovered. In addition, pregnant women with scar pregnancy may also be accompanied by irregular vaginal bleeding after menopause. Be wary of this situation.
Traditional view: once a scar pregnancy is diagnosed, the pregnancy must be terminated as soon as possible
Scar pregnancy is a type of ectopic pregnancy and is often referred to as a rare but extremely dangerous obstetric emergency. The main consequences of its possible are as follows:
1. Due to structural abnormalities, the tissue at the scar of the uterus is weaker than the normal tissue. As the fetus continues to grow, the scar of the uterus is easily torn apart. If the pregnancy continues, it is likely to cause uterine rupture;
2, easy to cause placenta implantation, it is easy to cause major bleeding during childbirth, serious may also need to remove the uterus, and even life-threatening. It is understood that in obstetric cases of severe uterine bleeding, 20% to 30% are associated with scar pregnancy.
Therefore, so far, many obstetricians believe that once the embryo is diagnosed and implanted on the scar of the uterus, the pregnancy should be terminated as soon as possible. The main reason is that scar pregnancy after cesarean section is indeed a very dangerous type of pregnancy, which may bring great risks.
The latest view: Scar pregnancy can be produced smoothly under the strict supervision of doctors
With the advancement of scar pregnancy treatment technology, scar pregnancy is now not as terrible as everyone thinks. As long as the thinnest thickness of the uterine serosa at the uterine scar is greater than 3 mm, the pregnant woman can safely conceive to full-term after the doctor's assessment of other conditions of the pregnant woman. Even if the baby is implanted at the edge of the scar, it can be safely passed through the monitoring period of the obstetrician.
This whole process doctor can master. For example, the doctor will evaluate the thickness of the thinnest part of the uterus at any time. If the uterus is found to have signs of rupture, the doctor will make a judgment in time to help the pregnant woman terminate the pregnancy, and often retain the surviving fetus; for example, Placenta implantation itself has no clear effect on the growth and development of the fetus, but the risk of uterine rupture and hemorrhage due to contractions during childbirth increases the risk of life threatening the fetus and mother.
But in fact, even if the placenta is implanted or even deep into the bladder wall, you can choose to continue to conceive, because in the process, it can still be monitored by doctors. For example, some drugs that inhibit uterine contractions can be used to reduce uterine rupture. risk. At the same time as safe delivery, it is entirely possible for the doctor to repair the uterus and preserve the structure and function of the uterus. In this way, they still have the opportunity to have another baby.
A pregnant woman with a scar pregnancy, at 26 weeks of pregnancy, had a tear in the uterine scar and the water balloon bulged out. But in the close monitoring and observation of the doctor, she chose to continue to conceive. Until she had more than 33 weeks of birth, she went to the hospital to receive cesarean section and safely gave birth to the fetus. Therefore, after the scar uterus is pregnant again, even if it is diagnosed as a scar pregnancy, it is not necessary to terminate the pregnancy simply because of the scar pregnancy. If you decide to continue your pregnancy, you can complete the check-up under the close supervision and guidance of the obstetrician and accept all kinds of positive interventions from the doctor until the birth is successful. Doctors should also not advocate the termination of pregnancy for pregnant women unless the pregnant woman asks for it.
If a pregnant woman chooses to terminate her pregnancy for various reasons, she must also terminate her pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor. In particular, pregnant women with scar pregnancy should not arbitrarily carry out a flow of people or drugs, so as to avoid the occurrence of fluff or placenta can not be completely stripped, blood vessels can not be closed, and then cause major bleeding.
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