Effective treatment of the method of reducing pock marks

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Here are 10 ways to dilute the acne scars. Although effective, the effect will be slower, so you have to be determined and patient, and you can't expect to see obvious effects immediately after use.
1. Whitening products all have the effect of diminishing acne scars. You can use the series whitening products for a long time. Keep in mind that you should ensure daily sun protection while whitening.
2, using 2 to 3 times a week whitening mask, also has the effect of lightening the acne marks.
3, insist on regular exfoliation is very important, not only can improve the dark acne marks, but also allow the skin to absorb more whitening ingredients.
4, daily oral vitamin C, while eating more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C.
5, you can apply whitening essence directly on the pockmarks, gently massage to promote more whitening ingredients.
6, the use of whitening products containing fruit acid ingredients, the effect of blemishes will be faster, such as L'Oreal lactic whitening professional skin rejuvenation group or Lancome rejuvenation skin series are products containing fruit acids.
7, professional fruit acid peeling also has a good effect, fruit acid skin is through the acid to stimulate cell proliferation to fade the acne marks, but if it is a deeper acne effect is still limited.
8, the use of products with faded acne marks, such as THE BODY SHOP comfrey emollient gel / acne cream is specifically used to repair acne scars.
9. If it is not a pockmark but a acne pit, it can only be considered by laser surgery.
10, long acne do not squeeze by hand, can not be deducted by hand after crusting, do not eat spicy spicy food, daily life should be normal, do not stay up all night to ensure sleep, but also to maintain a good mood.
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