How to remove the smear on the face

 Acne print     |      2019-05-31 11:53
If the pigmentation on the face is changed by pigmentation, various types of laser treatment can be used. If it is a mild scar caused by short-term trauma, falls, etc., it is recommended to recover naturally for a period of time.
Expert: The print on the face, what kind of seal is seen, if it is a change of pigment, there are various types of lasers at present, the effect is more obvious, of course, this laser is more expensive because of the machine, generally It is a million machines, so the charging standard will be relatively high. If it is a short-term, such as trauma, falls, etc., a slight scar is caused by pigmentation. Our suggestion is that you let It naturally recovers for a period of time. Generally, our self-repairing ability is still relatively strong. If it is in two or three months, it can generally be restored to almost the same. If it is not good, then do those treatments without further treatment. .
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