How to eliminate acne marks

 Acne print     |      2019-05-25 14:22
Acne marks and acne pits mainly refer to the acne that grows on the face, which is similar to the scar-like appearance caused by acne ulceration after being scratched, stimulated, squeezed or mistreated. Whether it is acne marks or acne scars, it is usually the case that the skin is slightly sunken.
If you want to treat this acne marks and acne scars, it is recommended to use some skin abrasions to smooth the edges of the entire acne marks and acne scars. Then apply some polysulfonic acid mucopolysaccharide cream and apply two coats continuously. In the month, it is basically possible to restore acne marks and acne scars to normal conditions.
However, because the red blot caused by skin abrasion may be a little slower, this situation will generally gradually return to normal within six months, no need to worry, just wait quietly. 
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