How to lighten the acne marks?

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People with acne muscles, in addition to long acne, there is another trouble is stubborn acne marks. Even if the acne disappears, the acne marks are still there, it is really heart-wrenching, so what can we do to really reduce the acne marks and restore the skin to a smooth and seamless state?
1. Strengthen moisturizing and focus on sun protection
To dilute the acne marks, it is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing. You can also use the moisturizing mask to strengthen the care every other day, and use the whitening and spotting products to massage at night. Eat more foods containing high vitamin B family, the acne marks must not be exposed to ultraviolet rays, otherwise the color of acne marks will be deepened! You need to choose a refreshing, non-acne, non-irritating sunscreen product. When using concealer, you should use a brush to capture Apply lightly from the outer edge to the inside. Brushes should be cleaned regularly to avoid bacterial growth.
2. Regular exfoliation
Regular exfoliation of the skin has many benefits: on the one hand, it can help to improve the dull skin tone, make the skin look more lustrous, and help the skin absorb the subsequent skin care products. On the other hand, it can also promote the skin's self-repairing ability, and it is also helpful to improve the color of acne marks and the repair of acne marks.
3. Eat more zinc-containing foods containing calcium
Zinc increases resistance, accelerates protein synthesis and cell regeneration, and promotes wound healing, while calcium calms nerves. There are many foods rich in zinc, such as corn, lentils, soybeans, radishes, mushrooms, nuts, liver, scallops, etc. Milk is the first choice for calcium supplementation.
4. Don't stay up late, keep enough sleep
When you sleep, your body's metabolism will speed up, so you have enough sleep to the skin. The damage to the skin is very big, and the skin will be metabolized within the prescribed time. Over this time, the metabolism will be slower. . The evening is called prime time, because it is of great importance to the skin, there must be no mistake in sleeping.
5. Professional and effective treatment
Kelly acne cell microcrystal grading technology, using microwave and bio-RF principles, using nano-chips to stimulate the skin to produce more than 200,000 micro-pipes in a short period of time, a variety of selected repair components and known as "living fossils" Rare blue seaweed extract, input damaged basal cells, accelerate cell metabolism, break down melanin, and dilute acne marks. At the same time stimulate cell vitality and repair damaged skin.
Anti-acne printing is not something that can be done overnight. The key is to have patience. If you can pay attention to the care of the skin details and master the correct method of removing acne, the acne marks on your face will naturally be easily removed!
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