Acne scar repair

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Now the pollution of the environment, the various additives of food, and various reasons, let us have the skin that is once white and full of acne. The boys and girls who love beauty are deeply affected by acne and even affect their mental health. They also try various methods and exhaustion. The bitterness, but after all, acne is still the same, so why are acne out of the end? How do we acne do not leave it?
1: The general acne people are prosperous, and when they eat spicy food, acne will strike the next day.
2: The skin of people with acne is always oily, then we start to control the oil. The result is more control over oil. The acne muscle is dry inside the oil. It is because of lack of water, the skin only releases oil and replenishes water. As a result, the oil is more dry, so the oil is first fixed.
3: The acne must be clean and not in place. From the nose of the acne patient, there are a lot of blackheads. The blackheads are the dirty things that the outside world goes in, so that you are not clean enough.
4: Some women, prone to acne during menstruation, mostly because of endocrine disorders, stress and poor sleep quality and other reasons.
In general, patients with acne and folliculitis will be purulent from the same site every 20 days, so it will emerge in an endless stream. What about our swollen? Chinese scar network guides you, of course, can not ignore the diet and conditioning, happy, keep A happy mood is the first step in your success.
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