a good habit to eliminate acne marks

 Acne print     |      2018-09-27 16:24
Treatment is not as good as prevention, and control at the source is an effective way to treat acne marks. The following 12 ways to treat acne marks, I hope to help the friends of acne marks.
1. Eight glasses of water a day. You must drink a large glass of water before eating in the morning to clear your stomach.
2. Every day. Adhere to good habits, detoxification, if necessary, you can eat plantains.
3, avoid staying up late. Staying up late is the biggest natural enemy of beauty.
4, when washing the face, wash thoroughly, do not have residual cosmetics.
5, less playing computer, mobile phones can not be turned on the bed, there is radiation, the impact on the skin is very powerful.
6, can not squeeze acne by hand, let it fall off, so it is not easy to leave marks.
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