The acne pit is caused by what

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The cause of the formation of acne pits, this is a matter of concern to many people. The acne pit is difficult for people with long acne to avoid, but many acne patients do not know why there are acne pits, can you avoid the appearance of acne pits? What? Experts say that it is necessary to know the cause of the formation of acne pits to prevent acne pits?
What are the causes of acne pit formation? The acne pit is caused by infection or external force. Since the acne period was not properly treated in time, the inflammation of the skin cells caused local necrosis of the skin tissue, resulting in the defect of the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in scars, which adolescents called acne pits. The above is an introduction to acne pits.
Everyone knows that because there are various types of acne, there are many forms of acne pits, and the more inflammatory reactions occur when acne attacks, the more the skin tissue is destroyed; the deeper the inflamed parts, the skin tissue The deeper the damage is, the more serious the acne pits may be left in the future, so different treatment methods are needed depending on the condition.
What are the clinical manifestations of acne pits? The main manifestations of acne pits are almost facial, pores, and all around them. The acne pit is not obvious when viewed carefully. It can be seen from a close look. The shape is the same as that of orange peel. The pores are coarse, and each pit is a pit, but the pit is relatively small, the distribution of bean marks is uneven, irregular, and the potholes are more obvious. These are the main features of the acne pit.
Experts say that the treatment of acne pits should be early, and the care of patients should be indispensable.
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