Precautions after varicose vein treatment

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The treatment of patients with varicose veins is crucial, but the care after treatment can not be ignored, directly affecting the surgical results. Careful and careful care can not only prevent the recurrence of varicose veins, but also restore varicose veins better. Therefore, the care after varicose vein treatment is also particularly important.
So, what should you pay attention to after treatment of varicose veins? Pay attention to the following nursing knowledge after varicose vein treatment:
[postoperative considerations]
1. When performing physical labor activities, wear elastic stockings or use elastic bandages to prevent trauma;
2, 1 hour after labor or activity, the affected limb should be raised for a while to promote venous return, reduce varicose vein pressure, prevent rupture and bleeding;
3. Keep the wound dressing clean and dry;
4. Follow the doctor's advice and observe the effect.
[Nursing Precautions]
1. In order to alleviate the discomfort of the affected limb, the patient should not stand for too long or walk for a long time. It is better to stay in bed and raise the affected limb slightly above the heart level to promote blood return and reduce the intravenous pressure of the lower limb.
2. Wash the affected limb twice with warm water twice a day. After drying, apply limb protection. However, avoid using a stimulating alkaline soap or body wash bath to avoid aggravating the condition.
3, develop a good bowel habit, when trimming nails, avoid scratching the skin.
4. Use antibiotics and hemostatic drugs according to your doctor's advice and observe the effect.
5, if you feel unwell, you should go to the hospital for consultation and inspection.
Experts remind that any disease needs good care after treatment, in order to achieve the effect of treatment.
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