Why does the elastic sleeve play an important role in scar r

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Traumatic burns often lead to scar hyperplasia, contracture and dysfunction of the body. Prevention and treatment of scar hyperplasia, contracture and maintenance and recovery of body function after traumatic burn are important treatments for patients with traumatic burns, and it is also a major problem in the medical field. Studies have shown that clinical practice has shown that stress therapy is an effective and important method for the prevention and treatment of hypertrophic scars.
Elastic sleeves, also known as stretch suits, are the most commonly used materials for compression therapy. The elastic sleeve is made of new elastic material, which is easy to use and has long-term use. The effect is obvious.
Scope of application:
It is used to prevent scar hyperplasia and scar contracture in various parts of the body after burn wounds on the body surface, especially scars on the easily wrapped parts such as limbs and trunk. It can also be used for pressure bandaging after liposuction, postpartum recovery, and lower extremity veins. Varicose, body health shaping and various surgical procedures.
How to use and precautions:
1 can be directly used for long-term compression of the treatment site;
2 with scar cream, scar paste or other topical anti-scarring drugs, the effect is more obvious;
3 should be used early after wound healing, maintain a certain pressure on the wound, wear 24 hours a day (except bathing), and continue to apply for more than 6 months;
4 The seam of this product is smoother on one side and rougher on the side. When worn, it should touch the skin with smooth surface;
5 After the product is dirty, it can be cleaned with warm water and can be used repeatedly after drying.
6 Prevention of scar hyperplasia is a long and arduous task. It is recommended to have 2 sets of elastic sleeves at the same time. It should be used continuously for a long time, listen to the guidance of professionals, and use it properly under the guidance of professionals to obtain good results.
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