There are several ways to create eyebrows

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The fog-like eyebrow + beauty line can really make passers-by become a goddess of beauty! From the passer-by to the net red!
What is a foggy eyebrow?
The fog-like eyebrows (that is, the Korean-style makeup eyebrows) are also known as subtle intracellular color insertion, semi-permanent makeup, and continuous intensive makeup. The United States is called subtle permanent beauty, Japan is called beauty makeup, and Korea is called semi-permanent makeup.
Just like the brow powder, it feels light, light and thin like fog; it does not change red, does not blue, does not smudge, gives a fresh, natural, elegant and generous feeling. Simple and rude to say that no harm becomes beautiful and lasting!
What is the difference with the previous tattoo?
1, eyebrows
Straight thorn, tool tattoo machine, hard single needle, yan color preparation, the effect of the plane is dull to solve the eyebrow-free type of eyebrows.
2, eyebrows
Straight thorns, tool tattoo machine, hard single needle, yan color preparation, the effect of the layer is slightly stiff.
3. Embroidered eyebrows
Hand-picked embroidery, tool embroidered eyebrow pencil, rigid single-needle, color material, the effect of the layered lines is slightly dull.
4, carving eyebrows
Manipulation, tool eyebrow pencil, hard single needle, soft color effect, natural lines, and not strong.
5, floating eyebrows
Man-made painting, tools, floating art pen, rebound physiological needles, medical color milk, effect three-dimensional realistic lines, strong sense of hierarchy.
6, fog-like eyebrows
(ie Korean style makeup eyebrows) is currently the most popular makeup technology; compared to the previous tattoo eyebrows, the whole process is painless, and will not change color, will not faint, save a lot of makeup time for the majority of beauty lovers.
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