The 2nd Asia Pacific Precision Medicine Annual Billboard Aw

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2018/12-18-19 Guangzhou Sunshine Hotel|Organizer: Asia Pacific Precision Medical Alliance Asia Pacific Precision Medicine Research|020-89883029

The 2nd Asia Pacific Precision Medicine Annual Billboard Awards Ceremony
Finalist notice
To: Scar Clinic, South Korea
“The 2nd Asia-Pacific Precision Medical Annual Awards Ceremony was selected by the Asia-Pacific Precision Medical Industry Alliance, the Medical Health Industry Association, well-known experts and authoritative organizations, and combined with the health demonstration cities, the news media, and the organizing committee to adjust the questionnaire. Comment." In view of the high visibility, influence, and excellent evaluation of your company, it has been awarded 2018:
“Asia Pacific Precision Medicine's Best Scar Repair Global Leadership Brand Award” (Where notified to the selected unit/finalist, please arrange with the committee as soon as possible)
Hereby notice!
Contact: 020-89231046 188 1689 8857 Zhang Jian
The 2nd Asia Pacific Precision Medical Annual Festival Organizing Committee
October 2018
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