What is a scar?

 Traumatic scar     |      2018-09-13 17:12
Everyone wants their skin to be smooth and flawless, but it is always not so good in life. It always brings you accidents when you relax your vigilance. Unexpected trauma is very common and will be in you. Scars left on the skin, big or small, have greatly reduced the image of people, which makes many people very annoyed, not only affecting the image but also the self-confidence of the typewriter. So what is a scar?
Traumatic scars are damages caused by the impact of a body or object due to the impact of external objects, collisions or chemical attack, and traces left after the wound has healed. Traumatic scar repair treatment is mainly for the treatment of external scars on the surface of the skin. Skin contusion and cut injury If the wound is debrided, improperly sutured, the tension of the suture incision is too large or the thick needle is large, postoperative infection, etc., it will form a clear strip-like scar after healing. This is a traumatic scar.
Different traumatic scar repair treatment methods have different adaptation groups, and patients and friends can make relevant choices according to their actual situation. Traumatic scar repair treatment points out that the principle of surgical treatment is to remove scar tissue, apply pure physical sputum of traditional Chinese medicine, and repair according to the principles of orthopedic sterile, non-invasive or minimally invasive and tension-free suture. The main surgical methods are: resection and direct suture, Z-plasty, and W-plasty. For the beauty seeker to choose which method must be combined with their own actual situation to make relevant choices. This will ensure that the effect after treatment is quite significant.
Exception: For the cause of scarring in children? We should start from the following aspects.
First of all, bathing is something that people can't avoid. Before taking a bath, if parents don't pay attention to the order of water release, such as pouring hot water first, when taking cold water, there is no adult care for the child to sit in the basin or pull over the hot water basin. It is also easy to burn. Therefore, parents can put cold water and then put hot water.
Secondly, parents should educate their children more than usual. They should not let their children touch things by hand. The cooked hot soup is placed on the table. If the child picks it up by hand, it is usually the reason for the soup to turn down. Usually the front chest, head and face burns. In this case, it will not be worth the candle.
In daily life, parents and friends should pay more attention to the fact that children accidentally touch hot water bottles and hot water cups, which are easily burnt by water; therefore, parents and friends should let the children stay away from these things if the children want to drink water. When you can wait for the water to cool down, go drink. In addition, bruises, bruises, lacerations, cuts, thorns, avulsions, necrosis, freezing, igniting, electrocoagulation, lasers, drugs, cosmetology and surgery, and some unnoticed and memorable Scars can form in minor injuries.
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