The cause of scar hyperplasia after suturing

 Surgical scar     |      2018-09-13 15:58
Many people often ask why the surgical knife is very thin and flat when it has just been sutured. Later, it slowly bulges and widens it.
Our body is very different. If we reflect from the post-injury, some people are not easy to leave scars visible to the naked eye. Some people are prone to scars and even serious scar hyperplasia. Scar physique)
If we set the first person who is not likely to leave a scar that can be seen by the naked eye as 0, and the second type of person with a scar is defined as 100 points, the scores reflected by the body after most of us should be in accordance with the normal state. The distribution law is distributed between 0-100. Some people tend to 0 points. Some people prefer 100 points. The score is correspondingly low. It is easy to achieve good results. The score is correspondingly high. After healing, the effect of healing is worse, or it is more difficult to achieve better results in surgical treatment. If it is the latter, we need to arrange other treatments (such as anti-caries products, medical elastic sleeves, etc.) to add Great possibility of achieving good results.
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