How to eliminate old scars

 Surgical scar     |      2019-04-24 11:05
Various types of surgery such as thyroid surgery, thoracotomy, abdominal surgery (appendix, liver, intestine, cesarean section, etc.) often leave unsightly scars after healing. Over time, the scar may become wider, even proliferating, red, itchy, endless troubles for the patient.
The main reason for this phenomenon is that the skin suture of ordinary surgery is a single layer of suture, the knife edge only relies on the newly formed scar to draw, because the subcutaneous tissue pressure changes, the knife edge scar will bear a large lateral tension, and this The tension is continuous. After a long time, the scar is under continuous tension, the deep fibrous tissue is proliferating, and the collagen is thickened, which makes the scar gradually widen. If there is chronic inflammation in the local area, it may form keloids and form itching symptoms.
Repair old surgical scars, depending on the shape of the scar and the state of hyperplasia, generally can choose one-stage repair or staged repair. If the scar hyperplasia is not very serious, it is linear, can be directly removed, free the skin on both sides, suture the dermis layer, the alignment is accurate, and then suture the epidermis; if the scar hyperplasia is serious, but there are still surgical conditions, can be removed after suturing With radiation therapy, and finally topical anti-scarring drugs; if the scar can not be cut once, you can consider the fractional resection, gradually reduce the scar area, and finally hope to achieve the purpose of scar minimization.
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