How to reduce the double eyelid scar?

 Surgical scar     |      2019-04-22 16:23
This operation of the double eyelids is very mature, this and personal physique,
Doctor's technology, post-care has a lot to do with it.
If it is a serious scar,
Scar hyperplasia may occur easily after surgery, and this situation requires face consultation.
The doctor will give a specific solution.

Scar Scar
Scar cream is a big magic weapon. When is it used? For wounds that have just been removed, immediately taking the medicine may cause skin abrasion, because the skin after the thread is broken is relatively fragile. Generally, it is used after 4 days. Apply, gradually increase the amount, so that the skin has an adaptation period.
"How to use scar cream"
The full-cut double eyelids made by ❖ will definitely have scars, so be sure to prepare a scar cream. Basically, the full-cut scar can be seen with closed eyes for half a year, but you can usually cover it with makeup, and then stick to the scar cream. After three months or more, you can't see it basically, and it's more natural to add makeup!
Postoperative Note 1
After cutting the double eyelids, it must be cold and hot. The first three days are cold, and the hot compress is started on the 4th day. It is enough to apply for one week before and after. The cold compress is because the skin has a wound, and the cold compress (the principle of thermal expansion and contraction) will be Allow the blood vessels to contract, reduce bleeding, and help the wound to recover. The hot compress can relax the capillaries, expand, accelerate blood circulation, promote eye metabolism, and promote blood circulation to help reduce swelling of the eyes.
Postoperative Note II
You can buy a special cold ice pack for cold packs, or use a frozen water bottle to wrap it with a clean towel. Use a towel to soak in hot water. The water temperature should not be too high, about 45 degrees, and the towel should be changed frequently.
Postoperative Note 3
❖Pure clean, you can use normal saline, you can also use, use a cotton swab to carefully wipe, after surgery must be taboo, do not eat spicy and stimulating things, do not eat dark seasonings, soy sauce vinegar, etc., do not eat hair, seafood, Beef and mutton. The early diet must be light, which is conducive to postoperative recovery.
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