Why do double eyelids have depressed scars?

 Surgical scar     |      2019-04-16 10:28
This is a common phenomenon in double eyelid repair, which is particularly noticeable and has a scar. In fact, if the double eyelids are done well, the scar is very light and almost invisible. However, a lot of customers, double eyelids may be formed well, that is, closed eye scars are obvious, especially depressions.
Double eyelid scar
This double eyelid operation method is related. The technology of the double eyelid itself is also constantly improving.
Double eyelids seem to be simple, in fact, the skin is layered, in addition to the skin, there are muscle layers, fat layer. In the case of double eyelids, the orbicularis muscles and skin are sutured and fixed along the incision on the upper iliac muscle to form a fixation. When the eye is opened, the upper eyelid is lifted up, and the fixed orbicularis muscle and skin are pulled to form a double eyelid.
Deep depression scars, do not dare to close your eyes
The problem is that the orbicularis muscles and the skin are attached to the adhesion of the diaphragm.
The dermis is directly bonded to the upper iliac muscle, which is separated by the orbicularis muscle and fat layer, and it is easy to form a depression. This method of surgery has fallen behind, but there are still some doctors in use.
Subcutaneous tissue goes much and it will form depressions.
At present, the layered suture is emphasized, the operation is more precise, and the skin is not directly fixed on the seesaw, but the layer is first layered, and the orbicularis muscle is fixed on the seesaw. The scar formed by the dermis will not penetrate into the skin and form a depression. This suture, the skin tension is not affected much, after the recovery, the scar is basically negligible.
About the scar, how to repair?
You can only re-do double eyelids, remove the old scars, and then re-stratify the skin.
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