Why is the scar at the edge of the caesarean section more ob

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Why is the scar at the edge of the caesarean section more obvious? Is it related to eating ginger in the month? There is no ginger in the month, but the wound of caesarean section is still ugly, and the purple-red one is protruding. It took several years. Slowly flattening, so I think that the scalp of the caesarean section is ugly and has nothing to do with eating ginger. Generally speaking, the goodness of the caesarean section is related to the following factors:
1. Surgical methods We know that the lines of the abdomen skin are horizontal, so the cross-cut wounds have less tension than the vertical cut wounds, and it is easier to recover. The wound scars are also better than the vertical cuts.
2, suture level, caesarean section is to cut seven layers and then suture seven layers, the abdominal wall will be sutured five layers, if you accidentally hit a technique is not very good suturing physician, there will be more scarred wound scars Happening.
3, multiple pregnancies, many second-sister sisters of caesarean section think that the scar of the second birth caesarean section is much more ugly than that of the first child. This is because the second-born sisters have looser belly and easy to increase the tension of the wound. Natural scars will be more obvious. .
4, physical problems, some sisters belong to the scar physique, scars of the body no matter what scars than the average person is more obvious, and highlight the surface of the skin, often accompanied by pain and red itching. There are also sisters who have wounds after surgery, or have rejection of sutures. Some sisters have more abdominal fat and can cause obvious scar problems.
5, scar hyperplasia, 2-3 weeks after the caesarean section, the wound will be localized, the local scar will also accentuate and harden, it will last for three months to six months, this situation will disappear .
In order to make the wounds of Caesarean section beautiful, postoperative care for the wounds is also essential. Sisters of caesarean section must pay attention to the cleanliness and dryness of the wounds. Do not touch the water within two weeks of the wound. Do not use your hands to tear the wound after the wound is crusted. On the sputum, so as not to stimulate the wound. If the wound is itchy, don't rub it with your hands or clothing. After eating, eat more fruits, vegetables, skin and other foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and collagen to help the wound heal.

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