Nursing care after scar repair

 Surgical scar     |      2018-09-25 11:42
After the operation, the wound will enter the swelling period, and the swelling will reach a peak in 2-3 days, and then gradually become swollen. Therefore, local swelling after surgery is a normal phenomenon. Skin bruising may occur, which is caused by subcutaneous hemorrhage, and a small amount of bruising is also normal. However, if the wound continues to bleed, a localized hematoma is formed, and the pain is obvious, please contact your doctor promptly. For some operations that require swelling as soon as possible (such as double eyelids, eye bags, lip surgery), the doctor may recommend starting treatment after the end of the bleeding period, promoting swelling and promoting the disappearance of bruises.
How to care for the menopause period after the scar surgery?
Some operations (such as hernia resection, flap transfer surgery) may find that the skin at one or both ends of the wound is like a small bag, which is medically called "cat ear malformation". This is due to the local skin and accumulation. of. There is no need to worry about this situation, because the mild cat's ear deformity can gradually flatten out within a few months after surgery. Severe cat ear malformation is often formed after flap transfer, because intraoperative trimming of the cat's ear deformity may affect the flap blood supply. This situation can be observed for half a year. If the cat's ear deformity is still relatively obvious after half a year, it will be trimmed.
Postoperatively, it is recommended to have a light, digestible nutritious diet, avoid alcohol and activating blood and phlegm (such as Sanqi, ginseng), so as not to increase the risk of postoperative bleeding. Some operations (such as fat transplantation, flap transfer) will be recommended to avoid smoking, because smoking can cause vasoconstriction, affecting fat, flap survival. In order to reduce the stimulation of scars, it is generally recommended to avoid spicy foods after surgery to prevent scar hyperplasia until the scar enters a stable period (usually more than half a year). I often have friends asking if I can't eat soy sauce. I am afraid that if I eat it, I will have pigmentation. In fact, the pigmentation around the wound or wound has nothing to do with food, but it is related to factors such as constitution, wound condition, ultraviolet radiation, etc. Therefore, it is safe to eat soy sauce.
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