The risk of tattoo covering scars

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The treatment of tattoos covering scars is currently being chosen by many friends. This is a relatively conservative treatment. It uses a beautiful illustration on the tattoo to cover the scar, but it is also prudent to choose a tattoo for its risk. Row!!
You must carefully think about whether you really want to leave such a permanent mark on your skin. If you have any hesitation or worry, please slow down first and don't make a decision to regret yourself.
Don't make an impulsive decision under the influence of others or the influence of alcohol! In addition, you must carefully think about where you want to be in your body, and it is more private in the exposed parts. In addition, you must also consider the impact of future weight changes on your tattoo.
Three precautions before tattooing
To ensure the health and safety of the entire tattoo process, you need to be aware of these issues:
1. What kind of person is the tattoo artist? Is there a formal business license for this tattoo shop? Don’t just pursue a cheap price, you must choose a regular tattoo shop with a business license.
2. Is the tattooist using an unopened disposable tattoo device? Make sure that the tattoo device and the paint are taken out of the unopened disposable package. Sharing the above items with others can lead to the spread of blood diseases.
3. Are non-disposable devices rigorously sterilized? Non-disposable tattoo devices should be sterilized after each customer's use. Small instruments can be sterilized by autoclaves, and large instruments can be sterilized using surface sterilants.
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