Harmfulness of depressed scars

 Sag scar     |      2018-10-06 17:00
Scar is an inevitable outcome of the process of human wound repair. In a broad sense, there is no wound healing without scars.
The main component of scar tissue is fibrin. The production and deposition of scar tissue collagen increases the strength of the wound and is generally beneficial. If the scar tissue is not formed enough, the damaged tissue can not get normal tension, which can cause many complications, such as the scar of the abdominal wall incision healing, and the scar can be re-cracked or the abdominal content under the action of intra-abdominal pressure. The material gradually bulges outward to form an abdominal wall. Conversely, if the scar is over formed, the old can cause serious physical or functional problems. The hazard of scar depends on its nature and characteristics, as well as the secondary fixation of deep tissue. Thus scars are always an imperfect replacement relative to pre-injury tissue. From a mechanical point of view, its resistance is weakened; from a nutritional point of view, it causes obstacles to the exchange of oxygen and nutrients; from a functional point of view, the deformity and dysfunction of damaged tissue are aesthetically pleasing, resulting in a shape The destruction.
The beautiful face is smooth and delicate, full of elasticity and vitality. No one likes a rugged face, even the body parts covered in clothes are hard to accept. Especially for women, even a mole of axillary skin affects the overall beauty of the body. What's more, the sag scar is a pit on the skin? Therefore, the sag scar affects one's beauty and affects the visual experience of a group of viewers. From the perspective of personal psychology, scars directly affect people's mood, thoughts and life.
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